Watch out for me in Sim!

You can find me in the sim racing a Beta UI (BUI) paint scheme, or if you're lucky, you'll find me as one of your AI opponents if you happen to let the BUI create a roster for you. Be gentle with me when you find me, and be sure to let me win!
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My Blog

My blog, documenting basically whatever I feel like. I am intending on using this space to document some tricky, non-proprietary patterns I needed to discover/develop for my work at iRacing. Some of these patterns are very time sensitive, meaning the value may very well be outdated in some not so distant future. Even knowing that this I will endeavor to keep the most pertinent blog posts up to date if any minor changes occur that would otherwise prevent the topic from keeping fresh.
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Our Tech Stack

Our current tech stack consists of consuming dozens of microservice API's across a persistent and secure websocket tunnel. The core BetaUI application is a complex React & Redux architecture, running inside a custom Electron application container in constant communication with a locally installed microservice application serving as the portal between the iRacing simulation executable, and this web application.
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My Projects

Here is a small collection of personal projects I have worked on. While many of these projects are quite old at this point, some may be more recent. Feel free to take any inspiration you wish from these codebases.

Jimmy's Home Page

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A front-end only Card Game scorekeeper - used to keep scores of basic card games to avoid needing pen & paper

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Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with me, you may feel free to contact me via this web form below. I cannot guarantee I will promptly respond, as I am not currently accepting solicitations from recruiters.